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Save Your Hide Leather committed to quality service

Save Your Hide Leather committed to quality service


At Save Your Hide Motorcycle Leather we have been a part of small family businesses most of our life. We understand and know what it means to work hard and when we look to purchase a product one of the first things we look for is quality. We feel if you are going to spend hard earned money on something it should be quality made, something to last a long time and if it is a wearable item it should be something that you are proud to own and wear. When looking for new leather gear, that is what we went looking for plus something made in the USA. On our mission we found Hillside USA Leather and the Churchill Glove Company, leather manufacturers in the USA, and we felt a need to suppport and promote these products and Save Your Hide Motorcycle Leather was created.

Save Your Hide Leather wants to be your place to purchase motorcycle leather that is of the highest quality and will give you the protection along with style that you as a valued customer demands. The jackets, vests and chaps that we sell are made right here in the USA with a Lifetime Guarantee. Be assured we want you to be satisfied with your purchase and hope you enjoy it and may it never touch the ground.

What a feeling- to wear a quality leather product and to be proud to say it is American made.

Please Ride Smart, Ride Safe and Enjoy the Ride

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